This coming elections

Well, this could be my very first post this year 2010, but definitely not the last.

This coming elections of May 10, I hope that each and everyone would choose the best president that there is.

I would like to encourage you all to please vote Bro. Eddie Villanueva for president. He is a religious leader and a political leader, much like what we have from the Bible starting from David and the rest of the gang.

I believe that we can do a difference for the next six years if we would vote for an honest and a Philippine-lover president.

Please do vote for him, even if he is far from the ratings and surveys, I still believe that appointing God-fearing people from the government would really create a change for this dying nation.

Please vote Wisely..

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The SM Naga 3 Day Sale

Hi guys, I was just inspired by my Technopreneurship teacher to write this article. Anyways, here’s the deal. The recently conducted 3 day sale at the SM Naga was a big hit. For the first day, it was heard that SM got 10 Million and for the rest of the sale, got a whooping 30M. This is really great, but I wonder where Naguenos got all their money for the sale. If its true that SM got 30 Million out of the pockets of Bicolanos, then I can say the Bicolanos are rich. Who in the world would ever expect Bicolanos to spend such huge amount of money?

But for me, I’m not happy for it. The reason is that, some of the Local Businesses here are dying because of these events. I don’t have anything against SM Naga, but hey, take a look at the businesses along Magsaysay Avenue and you can see that there is something really wrong. Ever wonder where the whooping 30 Million is now? It’s not here in Naga!, its in Manila! In the end, its them who will benefit and not us. We got what we shop for, but think about it, some local businesses out there are begging for customers, waiting for money to keep their family alive..

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Keep ’em coming


Hi Guys, my name is Benedict, I’m a student of Ateneo De Naga. Living Here in the Philippines. Welcome to my blog. I hope that you guys would enjoy the contents that I have here and I hope you’ll find it worth reading. What you’ll see here is all about my experiences in School. You’ll also see here some Programming sources for you to learn. Hope I’ll be able to post all of them soon. Anyways, Happy Reading! I will also post some sources for those programmers out there like implementing the KMEANS Algorithm, Clustering Methods and their corresponding source codes and many more. But not just that, I’ll also be posting some of the experiences that I have in life. You know, the usual poverty experiences, hahaha, joke! Just the usual thing that you’ll find in common people.

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